voluntary positions

All positions on the Lefrak City Tenants Association are voluntary. The following are additional positions in need to be filled in order to make our association stronger.   Please read each title and job duties and submit the application that follows. Thank You and Welcome Aboard!


The Director-at-Large prepares and releases reports, studies on publications (with the consent of the President and Board of Directors) to promote public understanding of and support for the appropriate legislation. In addition, recruit and train volunteer workers, may organize and direct campaigns for the solicitation of funds (with the consent of the President and/or Board of Directors).  The Director-at-Large shall perform any other tasks or duties deemed necessary by the President.

Section Leader

The Section Leader shall be a member of the Board by virtue of his or her office.  The Section Leader shall be responsible for meeting with the building leaders in his or her section once per month. A Section Leader shall meet with his/her Section Coordinator on a regular basis and at such time shall attempt to resolve any and all grievances presented to him/her by the Building Leader. If the Section Leader cannot resolve the aforementioned grievances, the grievances shall be documented and referred to the Standing Committee to which the problem pertains. An Assistant Leader shall be elected to perform the above duties in the absence of the Section Leader. The Assistant Section Leader shall sit on meetings of the Board and shall have full voting rights.

Building Leader

The Building Leader shall be approved by the respective Section Leader in his/her building. Building Leader shall appoint a Floor Captain for each floor in his/her building.  A Building Leader shall serve as a liaison between Floor Captains and the Section Leader and shall hold at least one meeting per month with his or her Floor Captains. A Building Leader shall attempt to resolve any grievances brought to his or her attention when the tenant and Floor Captain have been unable to resolve said problem. The Bilding Leader shall then intercede directly with the Building Superintendent. If the problem remains unresolved, it shall be documented and brought to the attention of the Section Leader. If there is no Section Leader, the Board of Directors shall appoint a Section Leader.

Floor Captain

The Floor Captain shall be appointed by his/her Building Leader. A Floor Captain is responsible for organizing his/her floor to improve and maintain living conditions. He/she shall act as a liaison between tenants and Building Leader. The Floor Captain shall have periodic meetings with tenants on his/her floor and shall be responsible for assisting tenants on his/her floor in dealing with maintenance and related problems. The Floor Captain shall report any unresolved tenant's grievance to the Building Leader. 

Spot Checker

The Spot Checker is a person who cannot perform the functions and responsibilities of a Floor Captain but who can perform specific duties. The respective Section Leader shall appoint a Spot Checker and said person shall report directly to the Section Leader. If there is no Section Leader, a Spot Checker shall report directly to the Section Coordinator.